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Thursday 30th July 2.41pm

NJC PAY 2009


The UNISON NJC Committee and the Joint Trade Union Side met today 16th July to discuss the position of NJC pay for 2009.

At those negotiations the Employers stated that there was little prospect of moving towards 1%. However the negotiations led to a package of proposals for a potential new offer which were discussed and endorsed by the UNISON NJC Committee and the Trade Union side today.


As the package was beyond anything the elected members had previously considered, the Employers agreed to put the package to them with a view to responding with a final offer the following week. They also stated that since

Productive negotiations were ongoing, the 31 May deadline would be held in abeyance.


Given the nature of the negotiations and political sensitivities, the Employers specifically asked for the trade unions to keep the package confidential in order to allow them space to consult on the package.


The package of proposals for potential new offer comprised:

        A 1.25% increase in pay for those on scale point 4 – 10 inclusive


        A 1% increase for those above scale point 10, up to scale point 49


        An increase in minimum annual leave entitlement of 1 day from April 2009 and further day from 1 April 2010.


        An increase in all allowances by 1%


        An increase in the sleeping in allowance to 35.35p.


        A review of parental entitlement by 1 October 2009 and appropriate implementation thereafter.


        Conclusion of a joint ‘best practice redundancy avoidance’ agreement by 1st September 2009



Thursday 2nd July 2009 11.00am

Youth and Community Workers

Should you want a copy of a card showing the new pay

scales (September 2008 – 31st August 2009 (England and Wales)

Please Contact Vicki on 01432 277977



Thursday 23rd April 12.10pm





A full meeting of the NJC went ahead today. Members of the Trade Union side, insulted by the employers’ 0.5% pay offer and the threat to withdraw it unless accepted by 1 June, made forceful arguments for the employers to think again.




The Trade Union Side firmly rejected the offer and said that we would not be constrained by the employer’s deadline of the 1st June for acceptance. Many members did not think the offer worth accepting, so would not be bullied into acceptance. We also stated firmly that we want to see a quick, negotiated settlement and expect to meet them again in the very near future to commence negotiations.


Pay increases across the rest of the public sector are running at above 2% without exception. Local government workers in Scotland will get 2.5% this year, NHS staff 2.4% and police support staff 2.6%.

Further Negotiations


We will let you know when we have a date for further negotiation.



Monday 20th April 12.38pm





We have now had confirmation from the employers that the full NJC will now meet on Wednesday 22nd April.




Wednesday 8th April 2009 – 2.15pm




The Trade Union side of the NJC Executive met on the 7th April to discuss our response to the offer. We all agreed we could not recommend the 0.5% offer to our members and have written to the LGE stating that position. We have requested an urgent meeting of the full NJC to start negotiations with the employers. Additionally, the NJC Executive Trade Union side was incensed about the deadline of 1st June 2009, stating it was counter to good industrial relations and have made this point to the employers.






Wednesday 8th April 2009


NJC OFFER 2009/10

The Local Government Employers have made an offer on NJC pay for 2009/10 of 0.5%. They will withdraw the offer by 1 June if it has not been accepted by then and will not impose it.


This is obviously a dismaying offer and one which is quite out of line with increase this year in the rest of the public sector – and MP’ own 2.33% increase. Is also lower than the increases budgeted for by most councils.


The Trade Union side of the NJC Executive met yesterday to discuss our response to the offer.


Further news when received will be on our website.






Update on JNC

(Joint National Council for Youth and Community Workers)

Held on 11 March 2009.


JNC PAY 2008

1.      At the JNC meeting held on 11TH March, the Employers refused to make any improvement on their original offer 2.45% on JNC pay. The staff side expressed extreme disappointment that agreement on pay could not be reached that day, since this would have avoided the need to go to ACAS.


Branches were advised last week that two possible hearing dates in April are being discussed. We continue to seek a swift and fruitful conclusion to the process and branches will be updated on progress.


2.      TOIL


The staff side has considered a further draft TOIL agreement and made comments to strengthen it. The draft has been submitted to the Employers’ Side and we hope to have the finalised agreement shortly.



A joint Secretaries’ letter is being sent to Ministers seeking key worker status for Youth and Community Work.


Best Wishes


Heather Wakefield

National Secretary

Local Government Service Group.



Following our AGM and subsequent resignation we have vacancies for the following posts:-

International Officer

Health & Safety Officer

Youth Officer

Black Members Officer

Women’s Officer

Nomination forms are available from the Branch Office

Telephone 01432 277977